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Wavedash, Madeon and Toro y Moi's "All Ur Luv" Is an Odyssey of Friendship and Creative Fusion

It’s rare to find a track that feels like a breath of fresh air while weaving the nostalgic threads of disco into a contemporary tapestry, but Wavedash’s “All Ur Luv” achieves it with precision.

Joining forces with Madeon and Toro y Moi, the song is a masterclass in collaboration, offering us a vibrant mosaic of sounds that are as eclectic as they are harmonious. From its spritely melodies to its interplaying call-and-response vocals, “All Ur Luv” embraces the unadulterated joy of the moment.

“‘All Ur Luv’ is, in our eyes, what making music is all about,” Wavedash said in a press release. “Five unlikely collaborators and friends coming together to make a beautiful piece of music that, in some ways, is bigger than the sum of its parts.”

The carefree essence of “All Ur Luv” is not just a product of its sonic elements, but also reflected in the collaborative spirit behind its creation. Taking to X, Madeon shared a clip of the final hours of their recording session, which captures a glimpse of the atmosphere that so appropriately mirrors the song’s lighthearted vibe.

“This song is pure love,” Toro y Moi added. “We all met at Porter Robinson’s festival, I was floored by both Madeon and Wavedash’s sets, the energy was amazing. When making this song after seeing how much energy their shows are I wanted to write a song that would uplift a room. This song is about being patient with love, when things feel dull remember it’s not forever… it comes in waves.”

Doubling down on the release of “All Ur Luv,” Wavedash have announced a new mixtape, Tempo, which is imminently on the way this spring. Check out the new single below and find it on streaming platforms here.


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