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Watch Huey Lewis Play “F, Marry, Kill” with Classic Albums

Huey Lewis stopped by The Daily Show to discuss the new Broadway jukebox musical featuring Huey Lewis and the News hits, The Heart of Rock and Roll. Along the way, he plays a game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with classic ’80s albums.

With host Jordan Klepper — who has stepped in for the newly-returned John Stewart for the rest of the week — Huey is given the choice to “Fuck, Marry, Kill” the four albums that went number one in 1984 (along with Huey Lewis and the News’ Sports, which topped the charts in June 1984).

He’s presented with Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Prince’s Purple Rain, Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, and Kenny Loggins’ Footloose. Lewis swiftly decides to kill Footloose, saying “Kenny Loggins won’t mind, he’s a good guy.” He then says he’d “make love to Born to Run,” and that he would “fall in love with Thriller” — he does, however, clarify that he prefers Michael Jackson’s 1979 album Off the Wall, citing an affinity for “Rock With You.”

Elsewhere in his interview with Jordan Klepper, the musician discusses working on “We Are the World” deep into the night, bringing humor to his music videos, and his new Broadway musical, The Heart of Rock and Roll. Watch the clip below; the “Fuck, Marry, Kill” segment begins at the 9 minute mark.

Huey Lewis also guested recently on The Story Behind the Song to discuss Sports and the album’s standout single, “I Want a New Drug.” Listen to his appearance below (or wherever you get your podcasts), and get tickets to The Heart of Rock and Roll here.

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