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Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats’ New Album Nell’ Ora Blu

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have announced a new album, Nell’ Ora Blu, arriving May 10th via Rise Above Records.

The 19-track opus is effectively a double-album and promises to be the most ambitious offering from the British doom band to date.

Previous Uncle Acid albums like Blood Lust, Mind Control, and The Night Creeper function like the aural equivalent of ’70s exploitation horror films, each with its own narrative arc. On Nell’ Ora Blu, the band stretch that concept to the limit, creating a seamless listening experience that blends the worlds of cinema and heavy psych.

“I know something like this might have limited appeal, but who cares?” said Uncle Acid mastermind Kevin Starrs. “Most of what we do has a limited appeal anyway! It’s just a real mix of different styles that I like. There are no singles or ‘hits’. Instead, it all just flows along one thing into the next. You can think of it like blood seeping from a wound. It’s continuous. By the end of it, you’re left exhausted. It’s hard work for the listener. We don’t do easy listening!”

Starrs even enlisted iconic actors from the Italian cinema underground, specifically Edwige Fenech and Franco Nero, to provide spoken-word samples that appear between songs, helping guide the album’s macabre storyline.

“It’s a tribute to ’70s Italian cinema,” Starrs said of Nell’ Ora Blu. “It’s a story about people who decide to take the law into their own hands. Things get pretty dark straight away and of course, it doesn’t end well for anyone. It has elements of grimy poliziotteschi (Italian crime/action films) and classic Giallo (Italian cinema’s revered horror/sexploitation movement).”

He continued: “Once I decided to do everything in Italian, I made a list of actors that I wanted. Franco Nero and Edwige Fenech were the first names I thought of. Two legends that had never been paired together before. I contacted their agents and both actors were interested in the idea, so we set it up from there.”

Nell’ Ora Blu will be released on double-LP vinyl, CD, and digitally. Pre-orders will be “available soon,” according to the band.

For now, you can check out the album art and tracklist below.

Nell’ Ora Blu Artwork:

uncle acid nell ora blu

Nell’ Ora Blu Tracklist:
01. Il Sole Sorge Sempre
02. Giustizia di Strada – Lavora Fino alla Morte
03. La Vipera
04. Vendetta (Tema)
05. La Bara Resterà Chiusa
06. Cocktail Party
07. Il Tesoro di Sardegna
08. Nell’ Ora Blu
09. Il Chiamante Silenzioso
10. Tortura al Telefono
11. Pomeriggio di Novembre Nel Parco – Occhi che Osservano
12. Il Retorno del Chiamante Silenzioso
13. Solo la Morte to Ammanetta
14. Il Gatto Morto
15. Guidando Veloce Verso la Campagna
16. L’Omicidio
17. Resti Umani
18. Sorge Anche il Sole
19. Ritorno All’Oscurità

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