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Tom DeLonge Suffers Heat Stroke at blink-182 Show

Tom DeLonge fell victim to the 95-degree heat during blink-182’s set at the Asunciónico festival in Paraguay on Tuesday night (March 19th). The singer-guitarist reports that he suffered a heat stroke, causing him to collapse to his knees and vomit. Even so, DeLonge managed to recover and finish the show.

Along with a photo of himself from the concert, DeLonge wrote on Instagram, “This was about 1 min before heat stroke hit. Fell to my knees, everything went blurry, then wobbled to the side of the stage and vomited for a bit. Super fun. @markhoppus and @travisbarker made up for the lost time… man, this was not something I’ve ever felt before. 95 Degrees at a 11pm on stage. But… I made it back and finished the show. Cause that’s what Navy Seals do… @blink182.”

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Video footage (as seen below) shows DeLonge performing the song “More Than You Know” while leaning against Travis Barker’s drum riser. A few seconds later he appears on his knees as he continues playing guitar.

After the song ends, singer-bassist Mark Hoppus looks offstage and says, “You alright, Tommy? Tom’s throwing up right now, I think. I think Tom’s throwing up.”

Hoppus and Barker then proceed to kill time with a few bass and drum solos, along with some comedic banter. After about five minutes, DeLonge returns to the stage to perform “Happy Holidays, You Bastard” and continues on for the rest of the show.

blink-182 are playing Lollapalooza Brazil this weekend, followed by a run of shows in Mexico. In June, the punk trio will kick off a North American summer tour, with tickets available here.

See footage of blink-182 performing in Paraguay (cued up to the time right before DeLonge exits the stage), as well as DeLonge’s Instagram post, below.

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