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This Innovative Speaker Uses the Same Technology as Self-Driving Cars

Just like sunflowers turn to face the sun, an innovative new speaker called Solros can pivot in your direction wherever you go.

That’s according to the concept’s designer, Joon Yeol Bae, who said its gets its name from the Swedish word for “sunflower.” The circular speaker’s technology can tell how close or far you are from it and can even adjust its volume based on the distance, effectively enabling its sound to follow you as you move within a space.

Tapping into the same technology utilized in self-driving cars and robot vacuums, the nature-inspired speaker has sensors to detect your location and can rotate itself in your direction for a “full sound” environment.

Solros challenges the norm because most speakers can only project sound in one direction. If the listener is not sitting directly in front of it, they will hear a reflected sound instead of direct sound.

Solros’ LiDAR sensor allows it to track the listener’s position and deliver a more consistent sound based on its environment. The speaker can rotate 135° horizontally and 60° vertically, covering “the majority of space inside a house,” according to Joon Yeol Bae.

Solros is a concept and at the moment and the speaker is not available for purchase. You can find out more here.

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