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They Hate Change Debut New EP Wish You Were Here…: EP

Tampa Bay duo They Hate Change have revealed their new EP, Wish You Were Here…, out today — January 26th — via Jagjaguwar.

The five-track project marks the first time They Hate Change have brought in outside producers, and features contributions from Wu-Lu, 96Back, DJ Orange Julius, and Vritra of Odd Future/NRK. As Dre and Vonne explained in a statement, the EP was inspired by and recorded with artists whom they met during their first year on the road.

“Our first year of touring consisted of 7 tours, multiple weeklong stints in single cities, a gang of festivals, and about 2 months total (non consecutive) spent at home in Florida,” they said. “Along with this time period came a bunch of interviews, photo shoots, sessions, new friends, impeccable dinners, decent breakfasts (big up Greggs), as well as literal hundreds of missed calls, texts, DMs and emails, as we traveled across the water and back three times over… These are some of the songs we made with our old and new friends in the middle of all this.”

One example is “Wallabees & Weejuns,” which features tempo-shifting production from Manchester’s 96Back mixing dance, R&B, and hip-hop influences. “Nice to meet ya, my name is V-O-double N-E,” Vonne raps. “You can’t catch the beat, I’m too far ahead of my time/ Can’t rewind.”

Wish You Were Here… follows Finally, New, one of the best rap albums released in 2022.

Wish You Were Here… Artwork:

they hate change wish you were here ep artwork wallabees & weejuns song stream

Wish You Were Here… Tracklist:
01. Thank You for Reaching Out (Intro)
02. stunt (when i see u)
03. Biscuits (feat. Wu-Lu and Cherele)
04. So Excited (feat. Cherele)
05. ​Wallabies & Weejuns




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