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The HU’s The Gereg Instrumentals: Stream the Album

Mongolian folk-metal act The HU have released an instrumental version of their 2019 debut album The Gereg, available to stream below.

All 12 tracks from the original album have been digitally remastered in Dolby ATMOS, giving full clarity to the band’s musical prowess. The HU assert that the instrumental version offers an “all-new listening experience” and emphasizes sonic layers that may have not been as apparent on the original vocal mixes of the songs.

The Gereg album is the first album that introduced the Hunnu Rock genre to the world and introduced us to the world,” said the band in a collective statement. “In both the deluxe and the original album of our first album, we used many different instruments and pieces. Therefore, releasing the instrumentals of the album makes me very happy and fulfilled. I am sure our fans will enjoy listening to all the different sounds.”

The HU became a rock/metal sensation after the release of the singles “Wolf Totem” and “Yuve Yuve Yu” in 2018, with versions featuring Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix and From Ashes to New, respectively, becoming Top 5 singles on Mainstream Rock radio.  The original versions of those songs were included on The Gereg and can now be heard in instrumental form.

Later this month, The HU will embark on a tour of Australia. In July, they’ll hit the States to play three festivals: Upheaval in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin; and Inkcarceration in Mansfield, Ohio (tickets available here).

You can find The Gereg Instrumentals on streaming platforms at this location. Stream the full release below.

The Gereg Instrumentals Artwork:
hu the gereg instrumentals artwork

The Gereg Instrumentals Tracklist:
01. The Gereg (Instrumental)
02. Wolf Totem (Instrumental)
03. The Great Chinggis Khaan (Instrumental)
04. The Legend of Mother Swan (Instrumental)
05. Shoog Shoog (Instrumental)
06. The Same (Instrumental)
07. Yuve Yuve Yu (Instrumental)
08. Shireg Shireg (Instrumental)
09. The Song of Women (Instrumental)

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