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The Chainsmokers, Zerb and Ink Flirt With Temptation In Catchy House Track, "Addicted"

The Chainsmokers are back with “Addicted,” an earworm of a house track released today alongside Zerb and Ink.

Musically sleek yet lyrically unrestrained, “Addicted” revels in the darker, more primal aspects of attraction. By turning wanton desire into an addiction, the track makes a penetrating statement about lust’s ability to cloud reason, delivering unapologetic ode to the powerful allure of physical chemistry.

“Addicted” features Ink, who has worked alongside Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Childish Gambino and Stevie Wonder, among many others. Her lyrical bravado is a double-edged sword—charmingly cocky one moment (“reason you came in here tonight”) and teetering on delirium the next (“out my mind”). It’s a gamble that pays off, mirroring the thrill of flirting on the edge of temptation.

The track will most likely appear on a new album from The Chainsmokers, who wrote “TCS6 begins tonight” yesterday in posts across their social media.

“Addicted” is out now on TH3RD BRAIN Records. Check out the official music video below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.

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