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The Adjusters’ Daraka-Larimore-Hall on ’90s Ska: Podcast

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After forming in 1995, The Adjusters quickly made a name for themselves in the bustling Chicago scene for their blend of ska and soul, as well as an intensely political edge. Over time, the group has only gotten more active. Lead vocalist Daraka Larimore-Hall joins In Defense of Ska this week to dive into the band’s history, their overtly socialist worldview, and the direction ska took in the ’90s. Listen above or wherever you get your podcasts.

The Adjusters may not have ever been chart-toppingly huge, and that may have been because they didn’t fit in with the typical third-wave pop-punk/ska stylings that dominated the late ’90s. In between exploring the band’s origins and political views, Larimore-Hall explains why he’s hesitant to even call these groups “ska,” pointing out how their connection to the genre’s Jamaican roots are distant at best. (Before you get your pitchforks out, though, he also has plenty of praise to sing for the genre! The dude was in a ska band!)

Listen to Daraka Larimore-Hall talk about The Adjusters and ’90s ska on the latest episode of In Defense of Ska above, and make sure to like, review, and follow the series wherever you get your podcast. Fans can also get early and ad-free episodes by joining the IDOS Patreon, and don’t forget to check out all the Consequence Podcast Network series.

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