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Stanning BTS ‘Shipsode: JinMin (Jin and Jimin)

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Kayla and Bethany of Stanning BTS are back with another ‘Shipsode, this time covering the pairing of Jin and Jimin: JinMin, if you will. Listen to the episode above, or subscribe, like, and review wherever you get your podcasts.

Mischief meets chaos between the Tom and Jerry pairing of JinMin. The hosts cover everything from the dynamic of their friendship, their flirty moments, and, of course, Skinship moments!

Also, announcement time! In February, the podcast is launching a special episode called “Letters to BTS,” where fans can share heartfelt messages through audio recordings or emails. It may be disappointing to not be able to send physical letters during their service, so “Letters to BTS” is fans’ chance to bond ARMY and share thoughts during this time. Record an audio message (two minutes max) and show them just how strong and vibrant the ARMY remains. Fans’ words will be a testament to the unwavering bond between them and their favorite septet.

Please submit audio here or submit a written letter to stanningbtspodcast@gmail.com. The deadline for submissions is February 15th at midnight. The hosts can’t wait to hear all of your heartfelt letters to BTS and be able to share them with all of ARMY and, hopefully, BTS too!

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