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Slowdive’s Neil Halstead Talks everything is alive: Podcast

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Slowdive’s Neil Halstead joins Kyle Meredith to talk about everything is alive, the band’s second album since reforming in 2013 and one of our favorite LPs of 2023.

The frontman discusses how the LP originated from a collection of 40 electronic instrumentals, using the same studio since their beginning (which has had the same couch for over 30 years), and how he writes with mood in mind. Sometimes, that mood includes being inspired by The Cure: “We just did some shows with The Cure, you know we’re all massive Cure fans since we were kids,” he explains. “They have these amazing pop songs, and then they have these great, drawn out, you know, things like ‘A Forest’ that just go on and on.”

Halstead also speaks on how he resurrected “Andalucia Plays” from his early 2010s solo work, how his love of ’60s pop finds its way into “Kisses” and “Alife,” and the loads of unreleased sounds in his vault. He also talks about what it was like to score The Unknown Country starring Lily Gladstone.

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