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Senate Candidate Gloria Johnson Gets Support from Allison Russell, Brittany Howard, Maren Morris, Brandi Carlile

Allison Russell, Brittany Howard, Maren Morris, Brandi Carlile, Emmylou Harris, Brittney Spencer, Amanda Shires, and many others have formed a collective of country and Americana artists called the Tennessee Freedom Singers in support of Senate candidate Gloria Johnson. Together, they have released a new song called “Tennessee Rise” inspired by movements for social justice and equality. Stream it below.

Recorded at Sound Emporium Studio in Nashville, “Tennessee Rise” was masterminded by Russell after she found inspiration in the actions of Johnson, one of the Tennessee Three who was nearly expelled from the state’s House after participating in a gun control demonstration. Other artists who contributed to the song include Erin Rae, Katie Pruitt, Langhorne Slim, and Tré Burt, but the list goes on.

“‘Tennessee Rise’ is an anthem born out of resistance from the rise of extremist forces, the unwillingness to accept the rollback of protections for historically marginalized groups, and a determination to keep Tennessee a place of welcoming that so many have found solace in,” reads a press statement. “Inspired by the Tennessee Three, and the wave of activism that followed this past year, Tennessee Rise was formed from GRAMMY-winning artist Allison Russell’s deep love for the state — banding together some of Nashville’s best and brightest musicians for an essential fight for democracy.”

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The statement continues, “The collaboration is a first of its kind in bringing such artists together to use music as a show of support for a political candidate in this state. The message for the citizens of Tennessee, specifically young Tennesseans, is a simple one: Register. Vote. RISE.”

Earlier this year, Johnson helped present a resolution to honor Russell for her first Grammy win. It received an objection from a Tennessee House Republican while a similar resolution honoring Paramore was allowed to proceed (Paramore responded by rejecting their honor in support of Russell).

Spencer and Howard separately appeared on recent episodes of the Consequence Network podcast Beyond the Boys Club. Check out both episodes below.

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