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Ranking All the Food References on NCT DREAM’s New Album

Welcome back to Fan Chant, a weekly column for K-pop fans, stans, and newbies alike. Today, let’s chat about the new project from NCT Dream. P.S. — if you haven’t already, you can always subscribe to my companion newsletter to get Fan Chant delivered right to your inbox each week!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about those boys in NCT, it’s that they’re out here Saying Stuff. (This amazing TikTok summed it up a lot better than I could.)

This week, NCT DREAM released a new album, titled DREAM( )SCAPE, which the members describe as an opportunity to explore a heavier direction than their trademark bright sound typically allows. While DREAM( )SCAPE digs into the “universal concerns and struggles of young people,” that doesn’t mean the group’s optimistic, playful nature is erased. Far from it.

So to celebrate the new release from MARK, RENJUN, JENO, HAECHAN, JAEMIN, CHENLE, and JISUNG, let’s dig in to some of the best food and beverage references featured on the album, ranked by how enticing they sound this lovely Wednesday. And, if you missed it last year, you can also revisit my chat with NCT DREAM during their first US tour, where MARK shared how he likes his eggs in the morning.

Beer – “Breathing”

“I’m always drinking beer,” JISUNG tells us. And while I, too, love a nice cold beer, it is currently 9 a.m., so beer lands at the bottom of the list. What if we started with mimosas? That might be easier for me to get on board with at this exact juncture.

Popcorn – “Smoothie”

Ok, fine, they actually say “go ahead and pop that corn” but popcorn is inevitably the end result, isn’t it? This is towards the bottom because I’ve simply had too much popcorn already this week. (Problemista was great though — highly recommend!)

Strawberry & Sweet Cinnamon – “Smoothie”

Okay Lana Del Rey era! Who in NCT DREAM do you think would be most likely to describe their life as “sweet like cinnamon” or have a moment in the passenger seat of the car while rain drips down the window and feel totally confident in their main character status? Anyways, it’s a bright spring day, so strawberries and sweet cinnamon sounds like a lovely mid-morning treat.

Carrot Cake – “Carat Cake”

I know, I know, this song is about diamonds…but what else am I supposed to picture when they repeat the phrase “carat cake?” It’s Easter this weekend; obviously carrot cake sounds amazing and appropriate.

Smoothie – “Smoothie”

No notes, sounds absolutely delicious. They mention “syrup and sugar” as core ingredients, which works for me, since I prefer a smoothie with a little honey and a splash of almond milk. Bring it on, boys.

ICYMI: Interview with DAY6

day6 fan chant interview

DAY6, photo courtesy of JYP Entertainment

Last week, pop-rock band DAY6 joined the column to break down their new album track by track. You can read their insights here.

Song Rec of the Week:

So this is not a K-pop song, but SHAD credits BTS as one of his major inspirations. “I Like You The Most” has stayed on repeat in my home this week — it’s so catchy and fun, and the chorus makes me really happy.

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