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Radiate 2.0 Launch Paves the Path to Redefining Nightlife Discovery and Social Connection

At the forefront of redefining social connectivity around the festival circuit and beyond, Radiate 2.0 is launching with a clear mission: to fundamentally transform how we interact and discover events in the digital age. 

Originally carving a niche within the dance music festival community, Radiate has grown into a social network that now powers attendee communities for renowned festivals the likes of Ultra Music Festival and EDC Las Vegas. But with the launch of version 2,0, Radiate is expanding its horizons to encompass local events and venues, thus providing a panoramic view of the nightlife in cities across the U.S. 

“We’ve always envisioned Radiate as a tool to bring people together, regardless of the setting,” said Michael Tom, co-founder of Radiate. “With V2, we’re breaking down the barriers of traditional social networking, focusing on shared experiences as the basis for connection.”

Recognizing that members of Radiate’s user base were becoming increasingly interested in utilizing the platform beyond the confines of music festivals, the founder-led company was eager to leap. Likewise, Radiate’s increasingly high-profile festival partners were equally favorable about the prospect of fans using the platform to discover their non-festival-related properties and venues.

The centerpiece of Radiate’s new offering is its 3D social map—a “living” representation of a city’s social scene—and the best way to discover what’s happening in nightlife day-to-day. The map goes beyond static listings of events; it pulses with the activity of venues, shows recognized user activity and much more.

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In conjunction with the company’s emerging generative AI strategy, Radiate will soon be able to show personalized event suggestions and social opportunities that are uniquely tailored to each user’s interests, meaning the map will not only display what’s happening around the city but also suggest events and social gatherings based on individual preferences and social patterns.

“Michael and I have always wanted Radiate to bring people together for whatever reason it is that they want to be brought together for. Whether that’s a giant music festival, a night out or an intimate invite-only event,” Radiate co-founder Philip Butler explains. “Radiate is all about creating friendships and new connections through shared experiences, we noticed it becomes increasingly harder to make friends and expand your social connections after graduating, and by incorporating local events and venues, Radiate V2 aims to bridge this gap in human connection and offer new opportunities to meet new people and expand your network.”

You can download Radiate here.


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