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Osbournes Debate If Bill Hader Should Play Ozzy in Movie

Back in 2020, it was announced that a biopic on the tumultuous relationship between Ozzy Osbourne and his wife/manager Sharon Osbourne was in development. While not much has been revealed since then, the Osbournes — including kids Jack and Kelly — have some strong opinions on who should play the lead roles.

During a new episode of The Osbournes Podcast, Jack posed the question, “Who do you want to play you guys?” To which Kelly responded, “I know who I want to play mom — Florence Pugh. I think Florence Pugh would do a fantastic [job].”

Sharon added, “I think Florence Pugh or the little girl from Game of Thrones,” with Jack clarifying that she meant Maisie Williams.

“You know who I want to play dad,” continued Jack. “Bill Hader … Everyone thinks I’m fuckin’ crazy until I show a side-by-side picture, [not to mention] that guy’s ability to morph [into a character].”

Kelly retorted, “I think that dad needs to be played by an unknown,” reaffirming Ozzy’s own sentiments when he was asked back in 2022 about the movie. At the time, the metal legend said, “I don’t want to have anyone like Johnny Depp act as me. I rather have someone who is relatively unknown.”

Jack then showed Ozzy a photo of Hader, to which the Prince of Darkness exclaimed, “Fuck off!” However, Sharon endorsed Hader, insisting, “I think he can nail it.”

Per the original treatment, the movie is set to focus on Ozzy and Sharon’s relationship from 1979 to 1996, covering a time period that Ozzy was roughly 31 to 48 years old. Hader (Barry, Saturday Night Live) is currently 45 years old.

As for when the movie may come out, Ozzy lamented, “By the time we finish this film, I’ll be dead!”

Watch the Osbournes debate the casting for the biopic and discuss other topics in the latest episode of their podcast below, followed by a 2009 SNL skit in which Hader played Dave Matthews, while Matthews played Ozzy Osbourne.

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