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Off The Beat Is I.M’ of Monsta X’s Most ‘Natural’ EP Yet

Welcome back to Fan Chant, a weekly column for K-pop fans, stans, and newbies alike. Today, I.M of Monsta X offers insight into his latest EP. Plus, if you haven’t already, you can always subscribe to my companion newsletter to get Fan Chant delivered right to your inbox each week!

For I.M of Monsta X, the goal is always to let his music speak for itself. “When someone goes to an art exhibition, they should feel what they want,” he notes, chatting with Consequence over Zoom.

The songwriter, vocalist, and rapper has explored so many sub-genres throughout his time in Monsta X, but seems drawn to R&B sounds in his solo music. His latest individual release is an EP titled Off The Beat. While I.M is unfailingly polite and warm in conversation, it’s in his music that he’s able to embrace a more mysterious persona.

The focus track off the project is “LURE,” a suave and seductive number featuring bossa nova-style guitar and playful touches of horns. The cinematic music video shows him stuck in a time loop of sorts as he tries to win over the object of his affections.

Off The Beat follows 2023’s Overdrive, a similarly moody EP characterized by even more angst than this year’s project. “At that time, I was trying to contain myself, but right now I feel chill and comfortable,” he explains. “These tracks came out in a very natural way.”

He shouts out “MMI” as being memorable to record, noting that this song offers a look into his process. “Whenever I’m making music, I think about how I need to use my energy and emotions, and when I was working on this song, I felt like my strength was almost used up,” he recalls.

I.M has been performing with Monsta X since 2015, and he and his bandmates are currently working through military enlistment. Four of his teammates are in the middle of service now, but the eldest, Shownu, has already completed his time — meaning he was available to hear the new project from Monsta X’s youngest. “It’s not that his reaction was especially cheery or anything, but he said that he loves it,” I.M says with a laugh. “And I believe him.”

“When I’m working within Monsta X, all the members have different abilities and skills,” he continues. “It’s like putting the puzzle pieces together… But when I’m making my own music, it’s just me, myself, and I.” While he’s working hard to avoid specific spoilers for what lies ahead, he shares that he’s deeply excited for the remainder of 2024. “I’m planning lots of stuff that I can’t say in detail, but I hope there’s a chance to meet fans internationally,” he says with a cryptic smile.

The day we speak, a few weeks prior to the release of Off The Beat, he’s already eager to see how the fans (known as MONBEBE) will respond to the album. “It’s hard to pick a favorite song, because they’re all like my babies, and if I pick just one, the other babies will be sad,” he explains. “‘LURE’ is the lead track…” he starts, before catching himself. “No, they’re all my favorite.”

Watch the music video for “LURE” below.

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