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Noah Kahan Shares 30-Song Collection Stick Season (Forever)

Noah Kahan has released Stick Season (Forever), a 30-song compilation that features collects all of his recent collaborations, including previously unheard tracks with Brandi Carlile and Gregory Alan Isakov and a song called “Forever.”

Stick Season (Forever) is the final edition of Noah Kahan’s Stick Season series. Stick Season originally came out in 2022, but an expanded 2023 version titled Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) added seven tracks, including the top 10 hit, “Dial Drunk.” Now, the singer and songwriter has compiled his various collaborations, bonus tracks, and the original album onto one large collection.

Stick Season (Forever) features several notable guests accompanying Kahan, including collaborations with Post Malone (“Dial Drunk”), Kacey Musgraves (“She Calls Me Back”), Hozier (“Northern Attitude”), Sam Fender (“Homesick”), Lizzy McAlpine (“Call Your Mom”), and Gracie Abrams (“Everything,  Everywhere”). The latest of these collaborations are Kahan’s duets with Brandi Carlile (“You’re Gonna Go Far”) and Gregory Alan Isakov (“Paul Revere”). “I’m grateful and beyond proud to be sharing these two songs with artists that have soundtracked my entire life. Gregory and Brandi have written songs that have carried me through pain, loneliness, dramatic life changes, and the entirety of my career. I am so honored to have them on this final re-release,” Kahan said in a press release.

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“Forever is a long time. This album cycle has felt like forever, and I’ve loved every second of it,” Kahan continued. “The word ‘forever’ used to terrify me. I hate finality, there is too much uncertainty and boredom affiliated with ‘the rest of time.’ Now though, I’ve found forever to mean there is limitless possibility. There is so much joy in the world, waiting to be found. That is something that Stick Season has shown me, that this year has shown me. Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective.”

Kahan has (more or less) been on one long tour since Stick Season came out in 2022. He’ll begin his “We’ll All Be Here Forever World Tour” in the UK and Europe this month, before heading back to North America in March. Get tickets to all North American dates here, and all of Kahan’s international dates on viagogo.

Stick Season (Forever) Artwork:

Noah Kahan Stick Season Forever Album Artwork

Stick Season (Forever) Tracklist:

01. Northern Attitude
02. Stick Season
03. All My Love
04. She Calls Me Back
05. Come Over
06. New Perspective
07. Everywhere, Everything
08. Orange Juice
09. Strawberry Wine
10. Growing Sideways
11. Halloween
12. Homesick
13. Still
14. The View Between Villages
15. Your Needs, My Needs
16. Dial Drunk
17. Paul Revere
18. No Complaints
19. Call Your Mom
20. You’re Gonna Go Far
21. The View Between Villages (Extended)
22. Forever
23. Dial Drunk (Remix) Feat. Post Malone
24. Call Your Mom (Remix) Feat. Lizzy McAlpine
25. She Calls Me Back (Remix) Feat. Kacey Musgraves
26. Northern Attitude (Remix) Feat. Hozier
27. Everywhere, Everything (Remix) Feat. Gracie Abrams
28. Homesick (Remix) Feat. Sam Fender
29. You’re Gonna Go Far (Remix) Feat. Brandi Carlile
30. Paul Revere (Remix) Feat. Gregory Alan Isakov




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