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Nicky Romero and Deniz Koyu Join Forces with Jaimes for Instant Progressive House Classic “Tomorrow Comes”

We’re a couple of weeks into 2024 and we’ve got a full slate of new music to start the year off right. One of the first of many massive releases to come out this year, Dutch veteran Nicky Romero teams up with Deniz Koyu for “Tomorrow Comes.” Featuring inspiring vocals from Jaimes, “Tomorrow Comes” is the perfect melodic tune to lift your spirits and get you thinking about festivals heading into the new year.

“Tomorrow Comes” is the ultimate blend of soaring, anthemic synths and powerful, emotional vocals that is sure to make this one a hit in any DJ set this year. The song starts out highlighting Jaimes’ impressive vocals, and like I said, they hit. The chorus is incredible. “You’re going to wake up to better days, yeah, tomorrow comes, tomorrow comes your way. Don’t be afraid if your heart’s still aching, tomorrow comes, yeah, tomorrow comes your way.” The drop is a soaring synth melody that will have you bouncing for joy.

Jaimes recently joined Nicky Romero to perform “Tomorrow Comes” live at Nicky’s recent Nightvision solo show in Amsterdam last month. Check out this clip of their performance below. “Tomorrow Comes” is out now on Protocol.




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