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Neck Deep on Pure Pop Punk and Political Songs: Podcast

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Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow joins Kyle Meredith to speak about the band’s new self-titled album. The frontman discusses taking their sound “back to their roots” and scrapping the work they had been doing in Los Angeles to instead self-produce the LP back home in Wales.

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The two also talk about how the band purposefully leaned into pop punk and what that means in the scope of their catalog. Barlow goes on to discuss including a Beatles sendup in the single “Heartbreak of the Century”: “I think subconsciously the ‘you got me good/ you cut me deep’ came maybe subconsciously as a Beatles reference,” he explains. “I think it might be ‘Dig a Pony.’”

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Also mentioned are the tricks to getting political songs right, as in the case of their track “We Need More Bricks,” and documenting the discovery of aliens in “Take Me with You.”


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