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Mili and DiMO (BG) Unite for Sultry Afro-House Anthem, “Verona”

Two of the most exciting rising names within the world of Afro-house, Mili and DiMO (BG) have joined forces to unleash their latest single, “Verona.”

“Verona” follows the footsteps of Mili’s previous hit, “Bella,” which secured the #4 spot on Beatport’s Afro-House Top 100 not long after its release, while also claiming a position in the Top 50 overall charts. Captivating enthusiasts of the genre, “Verona” is similarly poised to make waves on international dancefloors.

The dynamic track, which is out now via Hurry Up Slowly, perfectly intertwines contemporary electronic elements with the organic rhythms that define the genre. Driven by commanding and playful horn melodies, the intro swiftly transitions into an intoxicating dance section, characterized by an enchanting bassline and minimalistic ambiances. Take a listen to “Verona” below.

This fresh collaboration between Mili and DiMO (BG) signifies a significant addition to the Afro-house landscape. Mili (real name Milad Tootoonchian) has a track record of success on labels like Hurry Up Slowly, Wired and Rebellion, consistently securing top positions on overall charts. DiMO (BG) is also known for standout releases on labels such as Voltaire Music, Go Deeva Records, REDOLENT and Sunset Gathering, and brings his unique touch and 20 years of experience to the collaboration.


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