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Max Burkholder on Airplane!, Ted & Seth MacFarlane: Podcast

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Ted star Max Burkholder might have been born in the ’90s, but the 1980 cult classic Airplane! still resonated with him like few other comedies. On this episode of The Spark Parade, Burkholder gushes about the silly world of Airplane!, a style of comedy that grabbed him and never let go.

Even though he’s a massive fan now, Burkolder’s relationship with Airplane! has morphed and grown throughout the years. The actor admits that, upon first viewing, the performances in the film were so subtle he didn’t realize it was a comedy. He’s since grown to adore its blend of deadpan humor, slapstick, and surrealism, and it’s proven to be a major influence for his work on Ted, a show from another one of his creative heroes, Seth MacFarlane.

“The biggest influence on me comedically, just in terms of my sense of humor, is Family Guy [and] Seth MacFarlane,” he explains. “It would be difficult not to see Airplane!’s influence on his sense of humor.”

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