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Mau P Launches SiriusXM Radio Show, Redefining the Tech House Landscape: Exclusive

In a shakeup of the dance music airwaves, SiriusXM has joined forces with Mau P to launch his very own weekly show, “XXX Radio.”

The action kicks off next week on Diplo’s Revolution and represents a deep dive into the mind of a producer who has rapidly become known for distilling the unfiltered essence of what makes tech house tick.

“I’m thankful to be given the platform to represent this sound on such a huge scale, especially at this early stage of my career as Mau P,” the rising Dutch superstar tells EDM.com. “I come from music, my father was one of the most talented musicians I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, so to be able to carry on the torch means a lot to me.”

Starting Sunday, January 28th, “XXX Radio” promises to deliver a trove of new music to listeners every week as well as insightful perspective from Mau P himself, who will discuss where he believes the industry at large is headed. The show’s debut also aligns with the impending release of “Beats for the Underground,” a long-awaited track for which fans have been clamoring since January 2023.

“This show is a raw, unfiltered look into what I’m personally into that week. It can be an unedited recording from one of my gigs, or a studio mix of tracks that I have on rotation,” Mau P explains. “I hope that I can play my part in moving the scene forward, giving this sound I love so much a platform on SiriusXM. They’ve been home to some of the most iconic radio shows in history, so this feels like a big step. I’m excited for becoming the weekly source of house heaters for so many.”

Fans can tune into the launch of “XXX Radio” January 28th, 2024 on SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution (channel 53) and on the SiriusXM app.

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