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Margot Robbie is Making a Sims Movie

Following the blockbuster success of Barbie, Margot Robbie is tackling another famous IP. As first reported by Jeff Sneider and confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, a movie based on the popular video game franchise The Sims is currently being shopped to Hollywood studios by Robbie and her LuckyChap production company.

Kate Herrnon, who helmed the first season of Loki on Disney+, is on board to direct the film, and is also co-writing the screenplay with Briony Redman.

Similar to Barbie, The Sims has no real narrative or plot to go off of. Even so, studios no doubt have faith in Robbie, who, along with director/writer Greta Gerwig, turned Barbie into a billion dollar film franchise. A bidding war between studios and streams is unfolding as we speak.

As an added bonus, plenty of musicians are noted fans of The Sims, including Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, Japanese Breakfast, and Snail Mail, so we could also get a pretty stellar soundtrack out of this.

It remains to be seen whether Robbie herself plans to appear in the film. She has a pretty busy schedule lined up, including a starring role opposite Ryan Gosling in an Ocean’s Eleven prequel and the inevitable Barbie sequel.

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