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March 2024 Best Streaming Movies and TV Shows

Every Friday, Consequence’s Stream On newsletter does its humble best to recommend four great streaming films or TV shows, drawing from what’s new and recent on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, Max, and more.

But for those who don’t subscribe, or just want to look back on the past month of premieres, you’re in luck: This is the first monthly installment of The Best of Stream On, spotlighting our most-recommended streaming movies and TV shows of March 2024. Check out this month’s picks below, arranged alphabetically, and enjoy with our compliments.

Boarders (TV)


Boarders (Tubi)

Created by: Daniel Lawrence Taylor
Cast: Josh Tedeku, Jodie Campbell, Myles Kamwendo, Sekou Diaby, Aruna Jalloh
Streaming on: Tubi (free with ads)

You don’t need a subscription to check out this engaging British import about a group of lower-income Black kids who get the chance to attend a fancy British boarding school, and have to contend with the ensuing culture clash. Fun fact, if you didn’t know: “Public schools,” in the UK, aren’t actually public schools as we know them in America — they’re the kinds of places literal Dukes and Earls send their children to be educated. Beyond the strong exploration of class and race issues, the characters are all sharply drawn, essential to a school-set drama like this.

Diarra From Detroit (TV)


Diarra From Detroit (BET+)

Created by: Diarra Kilpatrick
Cast: Diarra Kilpatrick, Morris Chestnut, DomiNque Perry, Claudia Logan, Bryan Terrell Clark, Shannon Wallace, Jon Chaffin, Phylicia Rashad
Streaming on: BET+

I love an unconventional mystery, especially when the lead investigator is as engaging as the titular Diarra (Diarra Kilpatrick). Down on her luck but determined, the divorced Diarra refuses to believe that she’s being ghosted by a spectacular Tinder date — and her attempt to find him sends her down an unexpected path. The Detroit setting, plus Kilpatrick’s singular voice, all lead to this one feeling pretty special — it’s almost a little Soderbergh-ish at points, while packed with humor.

Extraordinary Season 2 (TV)


Extraordinary (Hulu)

Created by: Emma Moran
Cast: Máiréad Tyers, Sofia Oxenham, Bilal Hasna, Luke Rollason
Streaming on: Hulu

If you never saw Season 1 of Extraordinary, know it’s a quick binge (eight 30-minute episodes), with Season 2 picking right back up with this story of a world where everyone’s got some sort of superpower — except the hapless twenty-something Jen (Máiréad Tyers). It’s funny, sweet, and wildly imaginative stuff.

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