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M for Montreal Rocks New York at New Colossus Show: Review

Back in November, I crossed the northern border to partake in M for Montreal, a music marathon/conference inviting international delegates to witness the Canadian metropolis’ vibrant arts scene. Last week, a small slice of that event traveled to down to New York City for an official New Colossus Festival showcase, co-presented by Consequence. The fall gathering was an immersive look at another city’s culture; the March 6th show at the Lower East Side venue Baker Falls showed how well that culture can travel.

Inside a space bearing the name of NYC’s iconic Knitting Factory, six Canadian acts took the stage on Wednesday night. Many were using New Colossus as a warm up ahead of their SXSW runs, so those who caught the showcase got a preview of some of the heat that’ll be coming out of Austin over the next few weeks.

(Not withstanding, of course, the heat that Texas fest is already facing as more and more artist pull out over the event’s sponsorship by and hosting of military and defense companies.)

Sasha Cay opened the evening with the bedroom sounds of Sasha Cay. Although the night would evolve into a raucous concert fitting of the Lower East Side location, Cay’s dreamy songwriting was a gentle way to start things off. She captivated the early crowd with a number of tracks off her recently released Spin, welcoming in folks as they shook off the dreary New York rain.

Housewife, the project of Brighid Fry fka Moscow Apartment (wonder why that name changed…), started the drive towards an upward tempo. Fry and her backing duo presented a shimmying dose of ’00s indie rock fun, with the Toronto artist at the front displaying a playful humor with her banter and song craft. Even though she’d only met their fill-in drummer a few hours prior to the show, Fry’s ease masked any sloppiness, allowing everyone on stage or in front of it to enjoy the show.

Housewife new colossus m for montreal consequence

Housewife, photo by Ben Kaye

Next up was long-working outfit Winona Forever, showcasing the intricate pop of last year’s Acrobat. Grooving on knotty guitars over drums like mathy jazz, the group passed around vocal duties as they got the crowd bouncing along. Tracks like “Electrostatic” showed a band capable of weaving warm hooks through all sorts of pop genre blending.

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