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Look Inside a Secret "Farmer's Market for Ravers" Hosted by Dirtybird

Leave it to the madcap minds behind Dirtybird to think of yet another event to redefine the rave.

Last month, the beloved dance label curated a “farmer’s market for ravers.” Hidden deep in a secret location in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District, the event helped usher in 2024 after Dirtybird soared to new heights last year.

Dirtybird implemented a number of unique experiences at the rare “farmer’s market,” including a Michelada stand, vinyl shop and even a pop-up tattoo parlor, Label Manager Deron Delgado told EDM.com. It was truly a one-of-a-kind night, considering vendor hubs in the music scene are more often than not relegated to the backdrop of festivals.

While attendees made their rounds through the event, house music filled the area. Channeling the intimate feel of a DIY bloghouse rave, Ardalan, Mary Droppinz, Shiba San and more played DJ sets throughout the night.

Check out photos from Dirtybird’s “farmer’s market for ravers” below.

DJ Set

c/o Dirtybird

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