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Listen: Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi Etch New Chapter With Spiritual Successor to "Pursuit of Happiness"

Before it was a trend, Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi hit the airwaves with their high-energy blend of hip-hop and dance music. Now, they’re back to cross off some unfinished business.

Released in the late 2000’s, Aoki’s remix of Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness”  remains a generational anthem to this day. The duo revisited that groundbreaking synergy with fresh enthusiasm for two new tracks on Cudi’s latest album, INSANO (NITRO MEGA).

The first of the pair, “Electrowavebaby 2.0,” sees Aoki producing a track that picks up with the same party-starting spirit of “Pursuit Of Happiness,” which famously became the soundtrack to the wild scenes of the Project X movie from 2012. With its massive kicks, frenetic synth stabs and revving basslines, “Electrowavebaby 2.0” immediately comes across as a spiritual successor to that record, embodying an unshakeable mainstage energy that’s impossible to ignore.

Meanwhile, “I Just Wanna Get,” featuring the legendary Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, takes us in an entirely different direction. Complemented by Aoki’s cerebral production, Cudi’s introspective lyrics take center stage here. The track is characterized by lilting background falsettos and twinkling soundscapes, providing a stark contrast to the high-octane energy of “Electrowavebaby 2.0.”

Together, the tracks demonstrate the enduring creative chemistry between Aoki and Cudi, who have proved once again that their partnership is capable of producing music that’s not only ahead of its time, but also timeless.

Check out Cudi’s full INSANO (NITRO MEGA) album below.


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