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Kobra Paige on Going Solo and Social Media’s Mental Effect

Kobra Paige joins Beyond the Boys Club to talk her new solo album, Like No Other. The latest addition to the Consequence Podcast Network, Beyond the Boys Club is hosted by journalist and radio host Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio, spinning off from the interview column of the same name. The series highlights women and non-binary musicians as they offer their perspectives on the industry and discuss their personal experiences. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Four years after the release of Kobra and the Lotus’ most recent album, lead singer Kobra Paige is set to unveil her debut solo effort, Like No Other. While some of the album’s songs follow in Paige’s tradition of melodic metal and rock, other tracks on the LP mark a foray into a wide range of genres and flavors.

Going solo is a bit of a leap for Paige. She says that everything that goes along with it has her “head spinning.”

“I was telling my husband actually last night when I was going to bed that I’ve never done well with social media,” she says on the latest episode of the Beyond the Boys’ Club podcast (listen above). “I don’t like how it changed. It changes me. It changes how I act in my life, and my mental state gets worse. But, I’ve tried to embrace it, and I’ve tried to bring people in to help me for this launch, because I don’t know how to reach the people [that I need to reach]. So, it’s really interesting time.”

She added that social media “can really hurt your mind sometimes,” adding, “You want to get [your music] out there, but then if you’re trying to respond to everyone…I don’t know… I think most people, if they were honest, they would agree that it’s not really the healthiest thing to have to do on a regular basis.”

Like No Other will drop on April 5th, and has been preceded by the singles “Thank You,” “Under One Sun,” and “Love What I Hate.”

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