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Kittie & We Are Pigs Launch KittiePig: Beyond the Boys Club

Morgan Lander of Kittie and Esjay Jones of We Are Pigs join Beyond the Boys Club to talk about their new non-alcoholic beer KittiePig, among other topics. The latest addition to the Consequence Podcast NetworkBeyond the Boys Club is hosted by journalist, musician, and radio host Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio and the music outfit Upon Wings, spinning off from the interview column of the same name. The series highlights women and non-binary musicians as they offer their perspectives on the industry and discuss their personal experiences. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Kittie singer-guitarist Morgan Lander is one of the pioneering women in heavy metal music. She’s been rocking with the Canadian outfit since the mid ’90s  and is still on the cutting edge of heavy music. Now, Lander has teamed up with singer Esjay Jones of South African nu-metal band We Are Pigs to launch their own metal-inspired non-alcoholic beer, KittiePIG.

KittiePIG (available to purchase here) is just the right beverage that an adult metalhead needs for a weekday concert. Who wants to get wasted and then have to go to work the next day, right? This unique collaboration marks the world’s first non-alcoholic beer brand aimed specifically at heavy music fans.

“It’s sort of an underrepresented thing in metal,” Lander said. “I know a lot of people associate going to a rock show or heavy metal show with like drinking copious amounts of beer or just getting wasted and headbanging and stuff, but there are a lot of people that don’t partake in that. A lot of people are also looking to live a healthier lifestyle in general but still want to like be part of the thing. That’s where a non-alcoholic beer comes in.”

During this episode of the Beyond the Boys’ Club podcast, Lander and Jones discuss their journeys through the music industry and get into story behind KittePIG.

Listen to the entire Beyond the Boys Club podcast episode via the media player and watch a video clip below (or via YouTube). Make sure to like, review, and subscribe to BTBC wherever you get your podcasts to keep up with each new episode, and pick up a “Beyond the Boys Club” T-shirt via the Consequence Shop or by clicking below.

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