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Kenya Grace's New Project Heals Scar Tissue With Soul-Cleansing Drum & Bass: Listen

No amount of Häagen-Dazs can cure a broken heart, but if there’s anyone to prove its resiliency, it’s Kenya Grace and her new project, The After Taste.

Written, produced and performed entirely by Grace, the record is a rare concoction that reinforces the EDM.com Class of 2024 star as one of the scene’s most formidable songwriters. Pangs of euphoric rave bliss mingle with introspective whispers and brooding alt angst, all unified by irresistible pop hooks that cut deep like emotional shrapnel.

A sonic bloodletting, The After Taste is what happens when an artist reclaims herself after someone leaches the color from her world. Unshackled from the lie of their affection, Grace manages to craft a masterstroke that their neglect could never conceive.

Kenya Grace.

Hannah Diamond

Dissecting the duality of desire and emptiness, the record is more a sensory explosion than an acquired taste. Grace, who is redefining drum & bass music for a new generation of producers, offers a tantalizing bite of dark chocolate: intense, rich and ultimately unforgettable.

She’s at her most vulnerable in “Someone Else,” an anguished anthem grappling with an identity crisis after a breakup. Leaving smoldering ruins where affection once blossomed, her tortured vocals bleed molten jealousy over melancholic guitar licks.

She then navigates the emotional vertigo of the fallout in the intoxicating “Only In My Mind,” a cathartic dance record that moonlight as a captivating cry for help. Here, fluttering synths and hyperactive four-on-the-floor drums soundtrack a descent into passion’s delirious depths: “You say you love me, we lie together every night / You touch me, I’m losing track of time / You kiss me, I look into your eyes / But it’s only in my mind.”

Grace is now taking The After Taste on the road for a North American tour, which will wrap in April by virtue of her landmark debut at the iconic Coachella festival in Southern California. Listen to the new project below and find it on streaming platforms here via Major Recordings/Warner Records.

Follow Kenya Grace:

Facebook: facebook.com/kenyagracemusic
Instagram: instagram.com/kenyagrace
Spotify: sptfy.com/qeu1

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