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Kenya Grace Weaves Heartache Into Harmony With New Single, "It's not fair"

Fairness often escapes the grasp of the heart, and in her new single, Kenya Grace reflects the deepest yearnings of the soul with captivating clarity.

The EDM.com Class of 2024 talent once again proves her mettle as a groovesmith with her latest single, “It’s not fair.” She opens with a cascade of comforting strings, setting the stage for her angelic vocals to take flight. From the outset, we’re enveloped in a dreamlike embrace that feels both comforting and poignant.

Grace’s ability to blend the ethereal with the emotional gives the song a celestial quality, making it not just heard, but felt. At its core, “It’s not fair” delves into lovesick themes, articulating the universal feelings associated with longing, heartache and the injustice of unreciprocated love. Her lyrical prowess shines as she navigates these emotional waters, delivering each line with a palpable vulnerability.

As the track unfolds, the rhythms picks up steam, transitioning into a more energetic groove that rides on the back of subtle drums and percussion. This delicate balance maintains its spellbinding quality while injecting a pulse of life that keeps us engaged and moving. It’s a framework that fans of Grace’s smash hit “Strangers” are likely to find familiar, and at the same time, a logical next step on the ascendant artist’s journey in breaking new ground.

Take a listen to “It’s not fair” below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.

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