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Kasablanca Member Reveals Heartbreaking Cancer Diagnosis

Kasablanca, who have rapidly ascended the echelons of electronic music since their 2020 debut, have revealed a deeply personal struggle: Micky, one half of the duo, has been diagnosed with cancer.

The news arrived unexpectedly during the final leg of Kasablanca’s “Crossing The Rubicon” tour, a journey that has seen them mesmerize clubs and festival audiences worldwide. The sudden diagnosis and emergency surgery necessitated an abrupt detour in their performance schedule, leading to the cancellation of eagerly awaited shows in Washington D.C. and Miami.

Following the surgery, Micky has embarked on an aggressive chemotherapy regimen, he said. While challenging, the treatment has been met with optimism from the artist’s medical team, offering hope for a full recovery in due time.

“My doctors are confident the cancer is curable and that I will make a full recovery,” he wrote in a poignant Instagram post.

With a heavy heart, the producer’s health scare has led to further adjustments in Kasablanca’s plans. The duo’s upcoming performances in Tulum and at Colombia’s Solaris Festival have been canceled since the chemotherapy treatment is expected to extend through February.

Despite these trials, Kasablanca’s spirit remains unbroken and they’ve assured fans that their highly anticipated debut album remains in the works. You can read Micky’s announcement below.

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