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Joe Satriani, Steve Vai Release “The Sea of Emotion, Pt. 1”

Joe Satriani and Steve Vai have unveiled their first-ever collaborative song, “The Sea of Emotion, Pt. 1.”

The guitar wizards have shared the stage many times over the years as part of Satriani’s G3 tours, and recently kicked off their co-headlining “Satch/Vai” tour. However, the new single marks the first time the two have made a song together. Based on comments by Satriani in the press release, it appears to be part of a forthcoming album and the first movement in a three-part suite.

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“When Steve and I decided the time had finally come for us to collaborate on an album, I immediately thought of our humble beginnings, where we came from, and our teenage rock ’n’ roll hopes and dreams,” said Satriani.

The track itself is a love letter to the duo’s ’70s rock roots and sees them trading solos and tasty riffs that would be at home on a James Gang or ZZ Top record. And if the song sounds like Satriani and Vai were transported to the ’70s, the music video completes the retro look, donning the guitarists in vintage threads.

“Each part of the song has little reminders of what we were so into musically back then, including a chord sequence that Steve and I would sometimes jam over during guitar lessons,” said Satriani, who famously instructed Vai in their teenage years.

Added Vai: “This song, and its additional two parts, are inspired by a giant field outside the high school of the town Joe and I grew up in. As young teenagers, we would sit overlooking this magnificent field and wax on generously for hours about the meaning of life and many other deep, rich discussions, so we deemed this field, ‘The Sea of Emotion.’ 50 years later, it has been memorialized in melody and groove.”

Watch the video for “The Sea of Emotion, Pt. 1” below, and get tickets to the “Satch/Vai” tour here.

“The Sea of Emotion, Pt. 1” Artwork:
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