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Jerry Seinfeld’s Net Worth Declared as $1 Billion

Jerry Seinfeld has made a hell of a lot of money from a show famously known for being “about nothing.” The comedian has now been declared a billionaire by Bloomberg.

According to a new report, Seinfeld is responsible for more than half of his net worth, but touring income, real estate holdings, and presumed earnings from investments also contribute to valuation.

Bloomberg estimated that syndication deals for Seinfeld have netted him about $465 million, with another $94 million coming from a Netflix streaming deal. According to the calculation, Seinfeld has also brought in more than $100 million since the 1980s from touring and owns $40 million in real estate, including an apartment at Central Park West in New York City and a property in the Hamptons.

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The biggest leap in the analysis is the assumption that Seinfeld invested his money beginning in 1990; Bloomberg calculated a cash appreciation based on the “historic performance of the MSCI World Index.”

As Bloomberg notes, Seinfeld refuted the valuation through a representative, who called the net worth number “inaccurate” without providing further details.

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