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Is Poor Things Really Streaming on Disney+?

Is Yorgos Lanthimos’ horny fairytale Poor Things really available to stream on the home of straight-up fairytales, Disney+? Yes — kinda.

As of March 7th, the film has become available to stream on Disney+ in the UK, and on Hulu in the United States. But thanks to Disney+ and Hulu’s ongoing integration, viewers in the US with the bundle have the option to watch Poor Things directly on Disney+.

What’s notable about this is Poor Things’ graphic content. As Consequence’s Clint Worthington noted in his review, the film features “everything from rampant scenes of acrobatic sex to dismemberment and disfigurements of all sorts.” Throughout its narrative, main character Bella Baxter (Emma Stone) — a developing infant’s brain placed in a grown body — discovers masturbation, sexual pleasure, exploitation, and many grim aspects of the modern world.

Not a whole lot of this imagery is exactly what you’d imagine for the home of Mickey Mouse, Disney+, which is maybe why it’s technically on Hulu at the moment. But looking at recent decisions made by Disney+, hosting a film like Poor Things actually isn’t all too surprising.

For starters, even without accounting for Hulu’s catalog, Disney+ already has R-rated titles, like Logan and Deadpool. Now, as the two platforms are increasingly integrated, even more will arrive. Already for those viewing with the integrated bundle — currently in beta testing — you can watch all sorts of R-rated films, from Scarface to the literal erotic art flick Nymphomaniac, without leaving the Disney+ url.

So, yes, Poor Things really is under the banner of the Mouse, the latest sign of the company’s ever-ongoing growth. To stream the film yourself, new subscribers of Hulu can get a 30-day trial by signing up here. Or, if you want to be on the cutting edge of streaming, sign up for Disney+’s Hulu bundle here.

Meanwhile, Poor Things is nominated in 11 categories at Sunday night’s 2024 Oscars.

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