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How Stephani B's Rabid Improv Drumming is Injecting New Blood Into Live Electronic Music

Once synonymous with monotonous beats, DJ booths have become theaters of rhythmic reinvention in 2024. That’s largely due to artists like Stephani B, who are rewriting the rules of live electronic music with their dazzling displays of percussive prowess—technically proficient but rabidly improvisational when the inspiration strikes.

Combining the rigor of a composer with the reckless abandon of a rock star, she’s a breath of fresh air in a time when DJing has become predictable and devoid of in-the-moment artistic expression. While many DJs numb crowds into head-bobbing hypnosis, Stephani brushstrokes the air with her frenetic drumming, proving that even well-trodden musical paths can lead to new and invigorating destinations in the hands of a skilled craftswoman.

It takes a rare blend of impulse and intuition to do what Stephani does. With unbridled sample pad sequences interwoven into ingenious dance remixes, her dynamic hybrid sets deliver a uniquely thrilling performance by incorporating raw percussive energy with techno and house elements.

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When she’s not wielding drumsticks like machetes on the stage, Stephani, who recently toured alongside the Ibiza Orchestra, is also a formidable record producer. She recently signed to the management roster of Perfect Havoc, a renowned UK dance label with over 10 billion streams to its name.

Then came the release of “Sober (La Da Dee),” a scintillating rework of Crystal Waters’ deeply influential “Gypsy Woman” she produced alongside Movada.

Stephani’s wholly singular live performances led to a landmark partnership with Roland, one of the world’s most iconic manufacturers and distributors of electronic musical instruments, as the face of the company’s SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad product launch.

As a Roland ambassador, she continues to lend her expertise in sampling and looping to a generation of dance music producers who are desperate to elude the pitfalls of creative strangulation. So we’ve teamed up with her on a comprehensive showcase of the Roland SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad.

Check out Stephani’s exclusive tutorial with below.

Stephani B: Roland SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad [EDM.com] (; 9:09)

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Facebook: facebook.com/StephaniBmusic
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