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How 3 Body Problem Episode 5 Judgment Day Was Made

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for 3 Body Problem, Season 1 Episode 5, “Judgment Day.”]

The Netflix adaptation of 3 Body Problem encompasses a few different genres in its first season, but without a doubt its most horrific moments come in Episode 5, “Judgment Day.” That’s when the Panama takes action against the massive ship of the same title, effectively eliminating the group conspiring against humanity on behalf of the San-Ti alien race on its way to Earth.

Said action might seem familiar to anyone who’s watched the 2002 film Ghost Ship, except dialed up to 11: The audience watches, in explicit detail, what happens when a oil tanker and its occupants encounter a net made of invisible “nano-fibers,” that’s capable of slicing through any known substance — including human flesh.

The sequence comes directly from the first book, as executive producer Alexander Woo notes in a recent roundtable interview: “It’s described in vivid detail — that’s the most memorable thing for most people who read the book. The challenge here was that we needed to at least meet, if not exceed, people’s imaginations when they read the book. To give them everything that that sequence implies.”

And thus, Woo continues, “The logistical side of it took up probably more hours of blood and sweat per frame than any other sequence in the show. Dozens and dozens of meetings and preparation and every single department getting involved.”

Executive producer D.B. Weiss explains that there were two major challenges in executing the sequence. “One of them was making sure you knew what was going on, going into it, so you didn’t need any of it explained to you in the moment. Because explaining about nano-fibers slicing things, while nano-fibers are slicing things, is going to kind of kill the buzz of the sequence, to say the least.”

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