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Hot Water Music’s New Songs Feature Turnstile and Thrice

Hot Water Music have dropped two new songs: “Remnants” featuring Brendan Yates and Daniel Fang of Turnstile, and “Fences” featuring fellow post-hardcore vets Thrice.

The singles hail from Hot Water Music’s guest-filled new album Vows, which is out May 10th.

The front half of the double-single drop, “Remnants,” is a full circle moment, as Turnstile took their band name from a 1997 Hot Water Music track. The new song is based on a funky rhythmic workout and frontman Chuck Ragan’s grizzled, yet hyper melodic vocals. The Turnstile contribution features Yates on supplemental vocals and Fang on additional percussion.

“‘Remnants’ is a song of friendship and what it means to be a true friend to a person dear to us even through the toughest times of our lives,” stated Hot Water Music in their press release. “These values are based on whether or not we choose to be present for one another when all seems to fall apart.”

“Fences” is a bit more subdued and darker, but still relies on heart-tugging melodies and palpable passion. The musical backing is also a bit more angular, as Hot Water Music and Thrice combine their powers seamlessly.

“One of the toughest things in life is remembering and recognizing the importance of living in the moment,” said Hot Water Music of “Fences.” “With so many distractions in our day-to-day lives, it becomes easy to get lost in the noise of this society and lose focus of our true and present purpose.”

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Hot Water Music will be supporting Vows and celebrating their 30th anniversary with a North American tour that kicks off in May (get tickets here).

Below you can stream the new songs “Remnants” featuring Brendan Yates and Daniel Fang of Turnstile and “Fences” featuring Thrice.

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