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Hightown’s Monica Raymund and Rebecca Cutter: Podcast

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Monica Raymund and Rebecca Cutter join Kyle Meredith to talk about the final season of Hightown, now showing on Starz (watch on Hulu). Listen to the two chat about the show above, and don’t forget to like, review, and subscribe to KMW wherever you get your podcasts.

Raymund, the lead actress who plays Jackie Quiñones in the crime drama, talks about how Season 3 opens up not as a puzzle that has to be put together through an alcohol and drug-induced two-day blackout. She reveals how such hectic beginning leads to the grand reckoning that she goes through over the course of the concluding seven episodes.

Cutter, the show’s creator and showrunner, goes on to discuss the need to include as much story and action as possible, and bringing in Jeanine Serralles as Rachel. She then teases what to look forward to on her next series, The Hunting Wives. “A little lighter, although still a lot of murder and a lot of sex and a lot of soap  and a lot of repulsion and a lot of excitement,” she says. “It takes place in Texas with a bunch of wealthy housewives, and we start shooting later this year.”

Listen to Hightown’s Monica Raymund and Rebecca Cutter above or watch the interview below, and watch the series on Starz, which you can add to your free 30-day trial of Hulu. Keep up to date with all our series by following the Consequence Podcast Network.




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