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From the Masters Themselves: 8 DJs and Producers Who Have Shared Their Expertise

In the heart of the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music creation, the journey from a novice to a beatsmith is often paved with curiosity and a relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Just 10 to 20 years ago, learning how to DJ or produce music was an arduous task. Armed with limited resources and guidance, enthusiasts found themselves navigating a complex labyrinth of challenges in their pursuit of a career in dance music.

Fast-forward to the present, when this narrative has undergone a remarkable transformation. Now, the gateway to the elusive electronic music production realm isn’t guarded by secrets but held open by the very artists who have shaped the industry. 

Read on to discover eight DJs and producers who have shared their expertise with the world.

James Hype

James Hype is breaking down barriers and proving that one doesn’t need expensive equipment to excel as a DJ. With a YouTube channel boasting almost 900,000 subscribers, the prolific Hype not only demonstrates his skill but also emphasizes the accessibility of the craft for aspiring DJs to kickstart their journey with modest setups.

Alison Wonderland

Prior to her chart-topping journey as an electronic music superstar, Alison Wonderland honed her skills as a classically trained cellist. Drawing on that foundation, she’s offered a nuanced perspective in her approach to the art of DJing by virtue of a number of insightful YouTube tutorials.


Known as a virtuoso in the electronic music production community, Au5 has become renowned for his versatility. In addition to his musical contributions, he actively gives back to the community through his YouTube account, where he generously shares his expertise and offers insightful DAW and sound design tutorials. This commitment to education underscores his dedication to empowering aspiring producers.

John Summit

Before becoming one of the scene’s leading house music producers, John Summit came from humble beginnings and made sporadic production tutorials in his parents’ basement. They not only provide a clear and concise breakdown of tech house production techniques but also serve as beacons of inspiration for budding producers. Today, Summit occasionally shares tips and tricks on his social media.

David Guetta

David Guetta, a name synonymous with the electronic dance music scene, extends his influence beyond the DJ booth with a wealth of knowledge shared through various platforms. In addition to his musical accomplishments, his YouTube channel and many educational initiatives provide a unique window into his production techniques and industry insights.


Eliminate, whose ingenious YouTube channel was recently honored in EDM.com‘s “Best of 2023: Industry Leaders” list has, been creating tutorials for years now. But he’s much more than just a content creator, throwing down at major festivals like Lost Lands, EDC Las Vegas and many more. The EDM.com Class of 2021 star offers not only valuable production tips, but also a comedic touch that can brighten any day.


With extreme clarity and detail, SeamlessR‘s channels serve as valuable resources for aspiring producers, offering insights into sound design, synthesis and various production techniques. Beyond his tutorials, SeamlessR has also released music, characterized by a mix of heavy bass and intricate sound design.


Crankdat stands as dynamic force in the dubstep scene, seamlessly blending memes and iconic samples such as the vocals from Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” into heavy bass elements. He shares his process videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.




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