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Elohim Confronts Personal Demons in New Single, "Can't Remember Your Name"

Elohim has revealed her latest single, “Can’t Remember Your Name,” a deep dive into her internal struggles and mental health challenges faced on the road.

Elohim is no stranger to wearing her heart on her sleeve, even when it comes to her most deep-seated personal struggles. With “Can’t Remember Your Name,” she finds herself reflecting on a period of time characterized by an unhealthy reliance on prescription medication, which escalated during her fall 2023 tour.

The new track boasts a lively, bass-centric rhythm with a complex web of vocaloid melodies and Elohim’s own lyrics. Underpinning the dancefloor-starting tune, however, is a story of perseverance through dark times.

“Medication has been amazing, life-saving, and life-changing for me but it also began to lead me down a dark and unhealthy path. When I was touring in the fall I wasn’t myself. I was puking every day, I couldn’t stop shaking, I couldn’t eat. I felt and looked like a zombie,” Elohim shared in a press release. “Taking a small prescribed dose of benzodiazepines to get through in an emergency was nothing new to me but this level of anxiety and panic was. After those two weeks on the road I realized I could not rely on temporary fixes, I needed a proper treatment plan. I made the decision to cancel the rest of the tour, go home, and focus on my health.”

While Elohim shares she has since begun working with medical professionals to develop a treatment plan, writing was an exercise that also proved therapeutic in her journey. With “Can’t Remember Your Name,” she illuminates the power of acknowledging and confronting one’s deepest challenges, reminding us that even in the darkest times, we can find a way back to ourselves. Take a listen below.


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