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Eliminate's Debut Album Is a Boundary-Pushing Exploration of His Sonic Persona: Listen

Eliminate has long been heralded as an innovator within the electronic music production community, fearlessly taking on challenges and creating some of the most exploratory tracks in the scene. Today, his long-awaited, boundary-pushing debut album Get Off The Internet has finally arrived.

Get Off The Internet masterfully captures the EDM.com Class of 2021 star’s distinct sound and persona, infusing them into a package that feels both intimate and unbridled. Guiding us through a cohesive story throughout its 13 tracks, Eliminate invites us into his subconscious by effortlessly weaving through soundscapes ranging from drum & bass to house music and all the way back to his trap roots.

Each song on the album is elevated by innovative production or storytelling moments. The titular track “Get Off The Internet” finds Eliminate teaming up with an intoxicating fussy, whose vocals explore the addictive nature of staying on the internet even when the interactions feel toxic, prodding at listeners while crafting a beat that makes you want to keep the song on repeat. 

Yet another shining moment is “f_ck you,” where Eliminate’s dismissal of something contentious not only feels like an insult, but also a moment of clarity. The punchy quip is delivered alongside a soaring choir that pours endless raw emotion into the track. 

A microcosm of his wholly singular sound and persona, the album beautifully paves the way for the next chapter of the broiling career of Eliminate, whose imaginative YouTube channel was recently honored in EDM.com‘s “Best of 2023: Industry Leaders” list.

You can listen to Get Off The Internet below and find the album on streaming platforms here.


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