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Elaine Walker Drops Mesmerizing New Album, ‘No Terrestrial Road’

Modern day renaissance woman Elaine Walker recently revived her timeless album ‘Four Momemtum’, that had her fans buzzing, leaving them with an anticipation of what she’d do next.

If you’re not familiar, Walker’s music defies categorization with her retro-future sound, blending elements of Martian ambiance and funky roller disco. Beyond music, she’s a pioneer of microtonal music, a published mathematician, inventor of the vertical keyboard, and black-belt martial artist who has contributed to NASA-funded research on humans-on-Mars.

Now, she’s back with a new album ‘No Terrestrial Road,’ which is a mesmerizing insight exploring humanity, space, and reality, inspired by her mathematical research on imaginary spaces. Through tracks like “Invaders,” “Eleven,” and “Don’t Leave My Planet,” Elaine delves into the speculative future of humanity and its potential encounters with extraterrestrial life. Musically, No Terrestrial Road ventures into unconventional territories, experimenting with various equal temperaments and the unique Bohlen-Pierce Scale. Tracks like “Flow Field” and “Matter Over Mind” showcase Elaine’s ability to blend retro and cutting-edge sounds, inviting listeners to experience a sonic journey like no other.

Check it out for yourself below!

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