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Ekko & Sidetrack Elevate SACHI’s Smash Hit ‘Wildfire’ to Pure Bliss with Refined Drum & Bass Remix

Ekko & Sidetrack have amassed millions of streams and maintain a dedicated monthly listenership exceeding 250K by embracing drum and bass alongside complementary genres. Their knack for blending deeply meaningful, uplifting vocals with standout instrumental arrangements has propelled them on an unstoppable trajectory of growth.

After teasing fans for over a year with electrifying live performances, SACHI’s standout single “Wildfire” now receives a transformative treatment courtesy of Ekko & Sidetrack. At the heart of the song’s euphoria lies its unforgettable chorus hook, which Ekko & Sidetrack enhance with a seamlessly crafted drum and bass rendition. The result is a moment of heightened euphoria, breathing fresh life into the track.

With previous signings to esteemed labels like Viper Recordings and Circus Records, Ekko & Sidetrack are now gearing up for an extensive European summer festival tour, followed by a planned US tour in the fall. If they come to a city near you, make sure to get a ticket!

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