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EDM.com Fresh Picks: KUČKA, Burial, Memphis LK & More

The electronic music community is constantly evolving with new sounds every week as artists become more innovative with their compositions. EDM.com’s weekly Fresh Picks series is helping uncover the latest and greatest tracks from the underground dance scene.

You can find the below tracks on EDM.com’s Fresh Picks Playlist. Follow to stay up-to-date and submit tracks for consideration here.

EDM.com Fresh Picks

Memphis LK – Too Much Fun

Jam City, Empress Of – Wild n Sweet

Machinedrum, KUČKA – VIOLET

Burial – Dolphinz

Elskavon – See Out Loud

Bambina, Baths – Boys Who Run

DJ Counselling – Shapeless

silvershore, Anki, Flachbau – who can say goodbye?

Braids – Evolution

Lucy Gooch – My Lights Kiss Your Thoughts Every Moment




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