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EDM at Bonnaroo 2024 Recommendations & History: Podcast

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This week on The What Podcast, hosts Barry, Lord Taco, and Bryan embark on their previously-promised quest: diving headfirst into electronic dance music. The gang runs through the historical importance of EDM at Bonnaroo and takes a look at the EDM present on the Bonnaroo 2024 lineup. Listen to the episode above, or wherever you get your podcasts.

To assist with their journey into the dance genre, The What Podcast is joined by self-described EDM fan Daniel Haskett, who provides insight into the history of the style and how it has become such a big part of festival culture. For an even deeper look at the genre, check out Haskett’s accompanying EDM playlists here: bonnaroo bpm, where in the woods swirl, where in the woods bass, and philos records takeover.

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Don’t forget, The What Crew still wants to hear from you and give you free Bonnaroo tickets! Send the gang your hidden gems on the Bonnaroo 2024 lineup, and you might just win a pair of GA+ tickets with a camping pass. To enter, call and leave us a voicemail with your recommendations at (423) 667-7877. We’ll feature your picks on an upcoming game of Bonnaroulette, and a winner will be chosen in a few weeks! Visit thewhat.co/win for details.

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