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Death Cab for Cutie’s Nick Harmer Names 10 Best Bass Albums

We’re still slapping along with Consequence’s Bass Week. Today, for our latest edition of Crate Digging, Death Cab for Cutie’s Nick Harmer shares the 10 albums he believes every budding bassist should own. Check out our 100 Greatest Bass Players list and our bass-themed mini-crossword, and stay tuned throughout the week for lists, artist-driven content, games, and more.

It is a damn near impossibility to create definitive “Best of” or “Essential” lists — a Sisyphean task that will always accidentally forget to include someone and spark heated arguments — but they sure are fun to make, so here I go.

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Before I launch into my list of ten essential albums, I feel a few qualifications are important to make. Firstly, I am not including inarguably brilliant works by icons like James Jamerson, Carol Kaye, John Entwistle, Paul McCartney, Chris Squire, Tina Weymouth, Larry Graham, Geddy Lee, Tony Levin, and on and on, purposefully. Most fellow bass players celebrate these (and many, many more) legends and probably already own their catalogs too. Secondly, I’ve deliberately narrowed my list down to highlight bass players who made albums that have had and continue to have a strong impact on me personally. These aren’t unknown bands to most, these aren’t undiscovered albums to many, but I do think these albums aren’t celebrated for the bass playing as much as they should be.

Naturally, as my indie/alt/rock is my wheelhouse, this list is weighted in those genres. And finally, most notably, this is an incomplete list, I’m already feeling guilty about who I’ve not included. So, disclaimers out of the way, in no particular order I give you: 10 Essential Albums Bass Players Should Own.

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