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Corey Taylor on Mental Breakdown That Led Him to Cancel Tour

Corey Taylor has opened up about the mental health struggles that led to the cancellation of his 2024 solo tour.

Earlier this month, Taylor announced that he would be cancelling almost all of his 2024 solo dates due to his “mental and physical health.” That included a month-long North American trek that would have begun in February; however, Taylor later revealed that he still plans to embark on a short tour of Asia starting in late March.

Now Taylor has shared a social media update with fans, further elaborating on the mental breakdown that nearly led him to relapse (Taylor has remained sober in recent years). He also explained his decision to cancel the North American dates while keeping the handful of Asian shows on the calendar — an apparent cause of confusion among fans.

“The truth of the matter is I understand why so many of you are upset, and I’m just gonna break it down for you,” said Taylor in an Instagram reel [as transcribed by Blabbermouth]. “I, over the last year, have had a complete and utter breakdown of boundaries, mental health, ego, entitlement, the whole nine yards, culminating in a very, very real, very near relapse that I kind of don’t recognize myself.”

He continued: “So, again, I wanted to address this and just tell people that I needed time to reset, I needed time to start working on my heart and my mind and get straight. The reason I’m keeping the Southeast Asia run, it’s literally four shows, it’s literally a week. I’m gonna see how I do with that and just take it day by day, basically. I’m working on self-care right now, getting the help that I need and surrounding myself with my family.”

Taylor had been maintaining a rigorous itinerary before the cancellations, balancing his solo activity — including a new album and tours of North America and Europe last year — with his ongoing commitments in Slipknot. For more on Taylor, revisit our Cover Story interview with the 50-year-old singer.

You can view Corey Taylor’s social media post below.




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