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Cassandra Lewis Shares Origins of “Lost in a Dream”

Origins is a recurring series that gives artists a space to break down everything that went into their latest release. Today, country singer Cassandra Lewis sheds light on her new single, “Lost in a Dream.”

There’s a transportive quality to Cassandra Lewis’ voice. From the moment she opens her mouth, the listener is struck with the feeling of being in a different time and place, and while her trilling vibrato might recall Dolly Parton, her belt feels more theatrical, invoking the heartbreaking drama of an artist like Adele.

Lewis is the latest artist to be signed to Elektra’s Low Country Records, and hearing her sing live makes it obvious why the label felt the need to scoop her up. Her emotional power still comes through in recorded format, including on her new single, “Lost In a Dream.”

The artwork for the track shows the vocalist in a field of poppies, a reference to The Wizard of Oz. The song, like the others on Lewis’ forthcoming record, was produced by Grammy winner Dave Cobb, and was co-written with Natalie Hemby, who is known for her work with artists like Kacey Musgraves, Lady Gaga, and Miranda Lambert. “Cassandra’s voice is absolutely stunning,” says Cobb. “I love the purity and beauty in it, it’s as if you’re hearing a timeless voice for the ages.”

“Cassandra has one of those voices that will stop you in your tracks, and, as a songwriter, her authenticity and vulnerability shine through,” says Elektra president Gregg Nadel. “This is an artist who knows who she is, and all of us at Elektra couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of her journey.”

Audiences will also be able to enjoy Cassandra’s electrifying vocals live at this year’s Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tennessee. Watch the video for “Lost in a Dream” below, and read on for Cassandra’s breakdown of the essential pieces that went into the making of the song.

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