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Burial Shares Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above: Stream

Burial has released his new double single, “Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above”.

Spanning around 13 minutes each, “Dreamfear” and “Boy Sent From Above” thematically fit together, flowing as a tapestry of clicks, pops, buzzes, atmospheres, samples, and irresistibly dancey passages of breakbeat grooves. “Dreamfear” opens with a spoken word sample saying “I am the high one/ I am the lord of ecstasy,” which sets the tone, appearing in “Boy Sent From Above” as well, almost like a through line proclaiming the songs’ intoxicating allure.

Available today on streaming services, “Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above” will be released on 12-inch vinyl on February 9th. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Arriving via XL Recordings, the double single marks Burial’s first release on a label other than his longtime home, Hyperdub, with whom he shared his two full-length albums Burial and Untrue. Now on XL, Burial joins artists like The Smile, Jai Paul, Arca, BadBadNotGood, and more.

In recent years, Burial has kept himself busy with a stream of EP releases, including 2023’s split EP with Kode9, Infirmary / Unknown Summer, 2022’s Streetlands and ANTIDAWN, 2021’s Shock Power of Love, and more.

Stream “Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above” below.




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